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Anonymous: do you have any advice for someone whos extremely suicidal?


Don’t kill yourself.

There’s really no point, cause you’ll just come back as someone you’re going to fucking hate again and just be put into the same type of situation cause you didn’t learn some lesson you’re supposed to learn now.

Find a hobby. Something that you absolutely love. Do that for hours. Once you’re tired of it, sleep or find another. Keep picking things to distract yourself, and don’t stop until you’ve perfected them.
It not only keeps you occupied and has you focus on something less upsetting than killing yourself, it also brings future interests and potential friends or careers for the days to come.

Don’t pay attention. Get your ass in gear, and just fucking make something. Do something. Run. Sing. Paint. Build a fucking tree house or plant a garden. Whatever the hell you want to do, you fucking do that, and you fucking love it.

Don’t kill yourself.

my room smells like damp, what is it? Eurgh, it’s rank.


Contrary to many beliefs, you don’t actually need a fucking life story reason to get a tattoo. 

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